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We will soon be recruiting for the 2023 cohort of 10 participants — stay tuned and in the meantime write to if you want to get on a list for recruitment.

We are so proud to welcome you to the application page for the New Haven Climate/Entrepreneurship Lab! An initiative intended to provide young people the chance to develop clean energy solutions while also engaging in activities that will develop their entrepreneurship skills. The project is possible because of the Innovation Prize that was awarded to Gather New Haven in 2022. We are currently seeking students and aspiring entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to 25 to participate in the program. The program will run for 3 months starting in May, and running until August.
Gather New Haven has partnered with MakeHaven to develop a concept program, The New Haven Climate-Entrepreneurship Creative Lab (NHECL), through a mutual interest in cultivating environmentally-focused entrepreneurship on the local level. The proposed initiative aims to increase awareness and contributions from underrepresented groups in STEM fields by recruiting and supporting young, purpose-driven aspiring entrepreneurs in developing and prototyping equitable clean energy solutions at MakeHaven that are responsive to community needs. The program will provide startup guidance and enable young (generally 18-25) entrepreneurs to develop a strong pitch for their climate-technology projects.
The Lab will also give participants the opportunity to participate in a series of entrepreneurship workshops that will be administered by Collab New Haven, a New Haven based Nonprofit that will provide the lab participants the ability to develop entrepreneurship skills, and broaden their business horizons.
All lab participants will be compensated via a stipend.


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