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Genesis Vicente

Farm-Based Wellness Program Manager

Genesis joined our team in May 2018 as the Youth Environmental Education Assistant, and as of February 2019, transitioned into her role as Program Manager. As the Youth Environmental Education Assistant for New Haven Farms, Genesis developed recipes using seasonal farm ingredients for the Youth Farm-Based Wellness Program and cooked them on program nights with youth participants of diverse ages. She also provided bilingual support in Spanish, led nutrition education classes, and cooking demonstrations at the Farm-Based Wellness Program with adult participants. In her new role, she oversees, organizes, and manages all operational aspects of the Farm-Based Wellness Program and Community Health Ambassador Program. Additionally, she provides organizational support to the Incubator Garden Program.

In her previous role as Food System Administrator, Genesis served as a liaison between the City of New Haven’s Food System & Policy Division, the New Haven Food Policy Council, and community members. She worked directly with the City of New Haven’s Director of Food System Policy, focusing on strengthening relationships with local food system organizations and community members, and advocating for food system policies through a food justice lens. She has interned with the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine at Tulane University, the first dedicated teaching kitchen implemented at a medical school. There she led medical students and community members of different ages and backgrounds in a series of cooking classes that taught participants cooking techniques and engaged them in discussions around nutrition. Genesis also has previous experience working in the food service industry. Her work is centered around food systems, community engagement, and her interests are in nutrition and cooking education.

Genesis holds an Associate in Science in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University. (203) 562-6655


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