Laura Hansen Joins New Haven Farms as Program Manager

On February 20, New Haven Farms welcomed a key new member of our leadership team. Laura Hansen will be joining the staff as Program Manager and in this rolewill be leading our Farm-Based Wellness Program and Community Health Ambassador Program. Laura will be a key player as New Haven Farms continues to grow and develop these programs that use food and community as a source of health in New Haven.

Laura’s position was previously held and developed by Liz Marsh, who has moved on after a multi-year tenure. Liz started with New Haven Farms as a volunteer and progressively became a leader in the programs and overall development of New Haven Farms. In her position, Liz strengthened New Haven Farms’ connections to the health provider community in New Haven and was the driving force behind creating New Haven Farms’ Community Health Ambassador Program. She also oversaw the expansion of the Farm-Based Wellness Program to multiple sites in 2017.

Laura comes to New Haven Farms with extensive and essential experience in delivering nutrition programs. She has received a Master in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh as well as her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from the University of Maryland, and is a Registered Dietitian. Laura’s work has been in diabetes prevention and nutrition education and delivery, having worked in the University of Pittsburgh’s Diabetes Prevention Support Center, as a nutrition education specialist for schools in Washington, DC, and as a WIC nutritionist in Bridgeport.

As a deeply thoughtful, experienced, and passionate individual with a thorough and diverse background in nutrition education and diabetes prevention, Laura brings new perspective and knowledge that will allow New Haven Farms’ programs to expand both in scope and reach.


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