Incubator Garden Program


The Incubator Garden program is an innovative joint venture between our Farm-Based Wellness program and the community gardens. Graduates of the Farm-Based Wellness program are invited to grow food in their own garden plots, using what they have learned in the wellness program.

Each family receives a 4’x8’ garden bed, and is supported with the resources to garden, including compost, seeds, seedlings, and access to water. Incubator gardeners are invited to join garden workshops in which a member of our farm staff works with the gardeners to maximize production in their plots. 

Families are responsible for planting, watering and caring for their plots. The Incubator Gardeners then can share their produce and knowledge with their families, friends, and neighbors, marking their path from participants to producers. In a style similar to the FBWP, seasonal potlucks bring gardeners together to share produce, recipes, food, and laughter in the garden.

This program has grown from 20 families in 2015 to 60 families in the 2019 growing season. The success of this program demonstrates the long-lasting impact our wellness programming has on families in the neighborhood as well as the connections between health, gardening, and community development. 

The Incubator Garden Program was founded with support from the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation.


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