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Greetings! The application process for the 2024 GE program is now open! Please review the program overview below, as well as the eligibility requirements, if you feel you are a good fit for the program, feel free to apply! 


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We are recruiting for the 2024 cohort

The 2024 Growing Entrepreneurs Program is an educational, enriching, dynamic program that offers students a wide range of opportunities to work with, and for Gather New Haven. A 10 month program that runs from January to November, the opportunity provides a steady work schedule for enrolled students.

Through the program, Gather New Haven works with high school students in the New Haven community to develop their own small-business ventures, while also developing their professional and entrepreneurial skills, training them in farming, land conservation, expanding their understanding of environmental issues, and building their sense of character. The Growing Entrepreneurs also will engage in a series of seminars, and educational curriculum that reinforce both their understanding of business development, and Gather New Haven’s mission to protect our land and waters.

All of this is accomplished by having students actively participate as employees of Gather New Haven– developing skills in agriculture by working on small projects at community gardens and farm sites, having the option to work with youth as Part Time Employees at the Schooner Camp, or even working with those in need at the Farm Based Wellness program.

The students will develop their business ventures alongside their program director, creating mission statements, establishing financial details, and creating business plans and presentations for their unique business ventures. Students simultaneously gain critical real world experience and education over the course of the different responsibilities, and projects. The biggest benefit to the students is the work readiness tone of the program, while the students are part time employees, they will learn how to be a productive, and effective working professional.

The experiences and skills gained from the program help prepare students for secondary education, future careers, and potential future ventures as well as helping them to become better stewards of their own health and of our environment. In turn, the students strengthen the organization as critical employees who bring new ideas, a fresh perspective, and hard work to our farms, gardens, and organization.


Eligibility requirements

  • Must be between the ages of 14 to 18
  • Must be enrolled, and attending a school within the city limits of New Haven, West Haven, or Hamden
  • Must be able to furnish at least one reference from a school administrator, and an additional reference from a citizen in the community
  • Must be willing to be committed to the program for 10 months starting in January of 2024
  • Must be able to work 10 to 15 hours a week
  • Students with Part Time jobs that require more than 25 hours a week can still apply, but we encourage students with such obligations to consider if they have the time for the GE program in 2024

This video was created by New Haven Land Trust prior to the merger, but contains insightful information about our Growing Entrepreneurs program.




Devonte McElveen is a freshman at Common Ground High School. He is to follow his dream and go on to college at Oregon State. He wants to go out and try new things, continue on owning his own business which deals with carpentry, outdoor activities, and skills, and to just be able to enjoy his dream and passion. He loves working outdoors and other harvesting skills all around.


My name is Gerando Torres. I go to Wilbur Cross High School, and I like playing video games.


Hi! My name is Larry Williams, and I go to Career High School in New Haven. I am 14 years old, and I love to play basketball and soccer. I also love acting.


Juan is a Sophomore at a High School in the community. He runs the Raised Garden Bed and Compost System Installation Business, and is an excellent carpenter. Juan is also a musician and plays guitar. He is interested in going into criminal justice and is currently taking a college-level criminal justice course.


Hey! My name is Yisel Contreras. I’m a student at Career High School. My favorite things/activities which I adore are playing my ultimate favorite sports which are soccer and volleyball. I’m also very excited to start Growing Entrepreneurs and can’t wait for the great memories to come.


My name is Lisette Chamba, and I go to Hill Regional Career. My favorite color is red, and I love helping kids when they are stuck.


Anajja is a 17 year old Junior who goes to Sound School and likes to watch vampire TV shows and play games related to Call of Duty. During the fall he likes to fish on the sound and by the Quinnipiac River for Bluefish and Striped Bass. His favorite movie is the Notebook and his Favorite TV show is Vikings along with Star Crossed.


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