New Staff at New Haven Farms

New Staff at New Haven FarmsChelsea Duckwall is the new child education team leader at New Haven Farms. This position is funded and made possible by Common Ground High School, in collaboration with their Green Jobs Corps program.

Chelsea comes to New Haven Farms with years of food experience. She’s worked in the food service industry for many years, gardened for most of her life and is now focused on a career in health care. She enjoys the opportunity to share her love of food and science with kids in the Fair Haven community. Currently, she serves as an Americorps member at the Fair Haven Community Health Center.

Over the past few weeks, the kids have made greenhouses out of plastic bottles, learned the name of vegetables  on the farm and identified the vegetables’ country of origin on a world map. They have taste-tested basil, cilantro, tomatoes, beans, peppers, cucumbers and kale. They’ve also spent time painting, weeding, playing ball and simply playing in the dirt. We hope to plant fall crops in the kids demo garden within the next week or two.

Stefanie Seslar is our new Fundraising Team Leader. Stefanie is the Director of Alumni Relations at Albertus Mangus College. Previously, she worked in development at the Connecticut Food Bank. Stefanie brings experience in fundraising, events planning, and donor relations, not to mention passion and energy. We are honored to have her on our team.

Jadarys Romero is one of the Community Liaisons at New Haven Farms. This is her first year working in nutritional foods, but she has been gardening for many years. Jadarys also volunteers in taking many of the pictures that are featured for the Thursday group at the Farm. She currently works with the Fair Haven Community Health Center as a Referral Navigator. Over the past few weeks she has been surveying the participants and listening to many of the good experiences they have had since joining the program. She has also been taking pictures to capture the wonderful moments of participants learning the names of vegetables as well as how to harvest and prepare them.


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