Jocelyn Tidwell

Farm Manager

Hailing from the American South, Jocelyn joined our staff in 2018 as Farm Manager. She leads the production of the vegetables and herbs for our Wellness program and our farm stand with help of the farm crew, Growing Entrepreneurs and many, many volunteers, and she assists with the Incubator Gardeners.

She earned a Masters in Adult Education and has traveled to sustainable agriculture projects from Peru to Italy, broadening her knowledge and serving as a programs consultant. Prior to coming to New Haven, she assisted in managing a land trust farm in mid-coast Maine, growing vegetables to supply local food pantries and schools with a crew of high schoolers.

Creating fertility from wild, local sources of nutrients is one of the skills she most hopes to use to increase the health of the soil and support no-till practices while farming here. In her spare time, she loves long walks, experimenting with new foods, and sailing with her partner, Giuseppe. (203) 562-6655


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