We Stand with the Black Community

We know we have been quiet, but this is not because we were being silent. It was because we knew we had to take the time to critically examine ourselves and our organization. Rushing to post a statement wouldn’t accomplish the real work necessary to achieve real change. While we know that there is more intentional work that must be done in order to establish ourselves as true racial equity organization, we want you to know that we are fully invested and prepared to be held accountable.

We begin here, by refusing to be silent any longer. As we recognize and celebrate Juneteenth, we now loudly and unapologetically pronounce our solidarity with the Black community.

Racism is more than explicit hatred and prejudice; it is embedded in the ways we see and interpret the world. Decades of influence has shaped the way society is structured. Segregation, redling, drug laws, and historical myths about Black culture and people directly influence today’s racial inequity in land ownership, education, food access, health/healthcare, and treatment by the justice system. Police brutality is just one amongst many forms of injustice kept alive by structural racism.

We are a food, environment, and community development organization; our roll in this fight lies at the intersectionality of race and health, land access, and resource distribution. More work must be done to address the causes and impacts of structural racism on food sovereignty insecurity, health, climate change, and the environment. We must expunge racism and inequality from our moral character, organizations, and society.

We share with you below, our statement and commitment.



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