Community Health Ambassadors

About the Community Health Ambassadors

Every winter, exemplary Farm-Based Wellness program graduates are invited to apply to the Community Health Ambassadors program. CHAs undergo leadership training and further nutrition and wellness education. Through a series of workshops, they learn about communication styles, behavior change methodologies, socio-economic barriers to health, food safety, and more,   empowering them to serve as leaders within the FBWP. 

The following spring, CHAs return to the Farm-Based Wellness program as leaders and mentors, helping the next generation of participants achieve their goals and work through any challenges that may arise. CHAs also provide program support and run additional exercise programming. This program further develops job skills, expanding career opportunities as well as other opportunities unique to each individual’s personal aspirations while also fostering community development in the communities of each CHA. 

Meet the 2024 Community Health Ambassadors

Araceli Castelan

Blanca Calle

Dunia Chamba

Bill Flynn

Eunise Castelan

Georgina Castelan

Juan Ortiz

Marina Morocho

Maria Sanchez

Martha Cruz

Monica Smallwood

Rahina Nabali

Sandra Williams

Soyla Aguilar

Susan Harris

Yesica Sanchez


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