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In addition to our signature education programs, Growing Entrepreneurs, the FBWP, and Schooner Camp, we offer field trips and guided nature walks through our preserves to introduce the public to the abundance of nature in our city and and reinforce the importance of conservation in urban areas. We also have opportunities for companies to partake in our wellness and nutrition education.

Education is an important part of our mission; equally important to our mission as community outreach. While gaining knowledge of our environment, our community, and our health is important, we also believe that our lands and waters are meant to be enjoyed and community and personal wellness investments can and should be fun. For this reason, in addition to our educational resources and opportunities, we work to include enjoyable ways to engage as well.



We would love to host your classroom for a fun,
hands-on, educational field trip at one of our Nature Preserves!

Location: Long Wharf or Quinnipiac Meadows Nature Preserve

Time: 2 hours (approximately 10am – 12pm)

# of Students: One classroom per trip

Cost: $150 – 25 Students & 2-3 Adults

(you provide transportation)

We offer lessons and activities on the following topics:

Ecosystems: Food Webs/Food Chains, Predator & Prey, Producers/Consumers

Habitats: Salt Marsh, Woodlands, Beach/Mud Flats, River, Estuary, and Prairie

Local Wildlife: Natural History/Life Cycles, Animal Adaptations, Mollusks of LIS

Water: Water Cycle, Water Quality, Water Filtration, Watersheds, Erosion, Tides

Stewardship: Conservation, Pollution, Trash/Recycling, Participate in a clean-up

Art & Nature : Writing and/or Drawing in Nature, Natural Journaling


Field trips can be scheduled for Fall and/or Spring.


Teachers can also use our nature preserves to host their own self-led field trips.

We do have some prepped lesson plans/guides that we can share upon request that are site specific.


We offer guided nature walks through our various preserves to groups. Each walk looks different based on the location of the preserve.  Contact for further information.




We are always posting new information about upcoming educational and outreach events. Please continue to check back to see what else is happening!


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