What About the CSA?

What About the CSA?

New Haven Farms was founded in 2012, growing directly out of the Fair Haven Community Health Care’s Diabetes Prevention Program. We have stayed true to our original mission of promoting health and community development through urban agriculture. We are proud of the inroads we have made in our community, bringing wellness education and organic produce to over 400 families since our inception.

While we have run a CSA program for the past several years, in order to focus our work on using the farms for educational purposes, centered around health, wellness and community development in the neighborhoods in which they are located, we’ve decided not to do a CSA in 2019. We realize this may be disappointing news for some, however there are still other options for accessing produce from our gardens and supporting our innovative work of growing food as medicine.

New Haven Farms hosts a weekly Saturday farm stand at Ferry Street Farm  from Memorial Day weekend through October. We are expanding hours this year, and offering the option to pre-pay for credit at the farm stand. At the beginning of the season (before June 30, 2019), you may pre-pay for produce, and receive an additional 10% credit for amounts over $100 (e.g. a $300 payment becomes $330 in produce credit). We will post an availability list, so you’d know what veggies or special items such as local honey, mushrooms, etc. to expect each week. Any credit not used during the 20+ weeks of the farm stand season would be considered a donation to support our educational programs.


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