Recipes for Success

Eating together is powerful. Across time and cultures, sitting together to share food has nourished communities, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

That is fundamental to how we build community at our Farm-Based Wellness Program. Celin Garcia, our Cooking and Nutrition Educator, plans recipes each week that use the farm’s bounty to make tasty, well-balanced meals or snacks, like Tuscan Tomato Sauce over Zoodles and Udon Noodles. At the same time, children at our youth program cook and eat together, working out recipes like Rainbow Soba Noodle Bowl that use all the senses to nurture a love of veggies.

On one level, this cooking and eating introduces new ways to prepare and appreciate produce. On another, sharing meals reinforces bonds of support that make it possible for participants to undertake the hard work of lifestyle change together.

We believe in the power of eating together in all contexts, and post healthy recipes that make use of locally available produce on our recipes page. We invite you to email us any recipes that nourish your community.


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