Rock to Rock Rider Spotlight: Angus Lamont

As our New Haven Farms Red Beet Riders keep pedaling onwards towards the 10th Annual Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride on April 28th, it’s time for another Rider Spotlight!

Angus Lamont joined New Haven Farms’ team through his work at Sikorsky, where he’s a Project Engineering Manager. He came to the New Haven area over three decades ago to be closer to family in Rhode Island, living first in Westville for several years before settling to Hamden. While in New Haven, Angus and his family fell for the city’s beauty in West Rock and Edgewood Park as Angus took his young son for walks.

We asked Angus a few questions about why he’s riding next weekend:

What do you love about New Haven Farms?

I very much like the idea of New Haven Farms reclaiming unused urban landscape and putting into productive use for the local community. I also think that through the exposure to gardening people can be reconnected to the most basic and healthiest channels of food and nutrition, something I think has been lost in our highly processed food industry.

What are you most looking forward to about Rock to Rock?

I’m looking forward to riding the 12-mile loop to see sections of New Haven that I am unfamiliar with but appear to be very interesting. I also love the attention that biking in and around New Haven as a mode of transportation will get from Rock to Rock, both as a form of exercise and as an environmentally-friendly substitute for short distance car trips. I try to use my bike to do as many errands around town as possible.

What do you want to see in a green future for New Haven?

I think a green future should include more community gardening opportunities across the city. It is my hope that New Haven Farms can grow the scale at which they create community connections.

It’s not to late to sign up and ride alongside Angus on the New Haven Farms team! You can also join Angus in helping New Haven Farms grow by donating on his rider page.

Hope to have you with us on April 28th!


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