Tomato Talk

The family model of our Farm-Based Wellness Program ensures that the entire family plays an active role in improving their health. While their parents learn about farming and cooking with fresh vegetables, the kids do the same. Before dinner, they water and weed their very own youth garden. Then, they all work together to wash, chop, and prepare the veggies for dinner — this week, it was a salad and farm sushi. The children got creative, filling their sushi rolls with carrots, beets, and cucumbers. They even harvested their own radishes for the salad. One of the kids was especially excited to have radishes with dinner, because they are her favorite vegetable.

The Youth Farm-Based Wellness Program teaches the kids all kinds of farming skills. This week, they learned about pruning tomatoes and picked up an impressive new skill in the process — speaking tomato! They all agreed that they heard the tomato plants speaking and could lean in to hear which of the offshoots to prune. We’re glad to have the children’s help in keeping the farm beautiful.


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