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Shore Camps: Explore the Shore

Search for Long Island Sound marine life as we explore the Long Wharf Nature Preserve! Coast Questers & Coastal Explorers campers spend most of their day on the Long Island Sound coastline, discovering horseshoe crabs, oysters and other shoreline shellfish and shorebirds in their natural habitats.

Campers play games, learn about the preserve and local coastal ecosystem  while conducting fun experiments, singing songs, and getting their feet wet. 

Coast Questers: Ages 6-7

Welcome Coast Questers! Join us as we transform into nature ninjas- stalking fiddler crabs and discovering the ancient past of the extinct Giant Sea Scorpion! Navigate the nature preserve during scavenger hunts, make your own maps, play games and have fun, while making new human and nature friends. Mudflat castles, arts & crafts- we’ve got that too!

Land & Marine Explorers: Ages 8-9

Schooner Camp is located on Long Island Sound, home to an important nursery for the ocean’s food supply. How do we learn about this amazing place? We ask questions, like scientists! We also make observations while we play along the shore, to see who lives there and to learn about why this community is so important. With your counselors, you will explore the unique habitats of Long Wharf Nature Preserve, and create  nature collections while you learn about the many animal and plant species that call the Preserve their home. Meet marine scientists and learn about what they do and why!  Join us in the fun!

Land & Sea Camps:
Sailing, Science and Adventure

Welcome to the amphibious lifestyle of Schooner’s Land 

& Sea Camps for ages 9-14!

Beginning & Intermediate Sailing

(no previous sailing experience necessary)

Skimmers: Ages 9-10

Ospreys: Ages 11-12

Campers in both Skimmers & Osprey spend half their day exploring the diverse habitats of the Long Island Sound from land and the other half is spent on the water learning the fundamentals of basic sailing! Campers learn how to sail a small sailboat, learning basic boat rigging, handling, and safety. They will also learn knots, nomenclature, and how to work and communicate with a crew. Develop courage, focus, and tenacity adventuring on the protected waters of the New Haven Harbor, while engaged in a science-based curriculum, crafts, and coastal exploration. Campers will also engineer and build their own mini recycled material boats or fiddler crab traps, and engage in other fun S.T.E.A.M.( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) challenges!

Sea Stewards: Ages 13-14

Sea Stewards is a leaders in training (LIT) & sailing camp is for young teens.  The focus is on building interpersonal, leadership, and sailing skills, while interacting with younger campers on and off the water. Campers participate in half a day of sailing activities, and half-day land activities, mentoring younger campers on how to be environmental stewards assisting Environmental Educators and Sailing Instructors.

Leaders will have the opportunity to develop a conservation campaign, and to teach younger campers how to be responsible earth stewards. Campers will also learn ways that conservation scientists collect data about ecosystems, and participate in community science projects around the nature preserve. 

Advanced Sailing

(previous sailing experience necessary)

Sea Scouts: Ages 10-12

Campers in this adventure sailing program must have some previous experience sailing. This two-week program will give campers a more in-depth experience with sailing, skippering, and maneuvering sailboats. Campers spend half their day exploring the diverse habitats either on land or sailing on Long Island Sound during the other half! Campers learn detailed boat safety and handling maneuvers, advanced knots and nomenclature, and how to work and communicate with a crew. Learn some basic survival skills on both land and water along the way! 

This program is inspired by the BSA Sea Scout Program framework to introduce campers to a more in-depth and applied experience navigating the waters of Long Island Sound that will carry their experience beyond Schooner.

*Previous experience is defined by: two 2-week programs or another equivalent to a month’s worth of sailing

Junior Counselor Program (Ages 15+)

Volunteer with us NEXT summer!

Schooner Camp will be seeking High School students for Junior Counselor Positions sailing and working with kids at Sound School for Summer 2022. 

Recruitment will begin in early 2022, but let us know now if you or someone you know want to be considered.


  • Must be 15+
  • Interested in teaching youth
  • Maturity and ability to have fun!
  • Sailing experience needed for Sailing Counselors
  • Experience working/babysitting with young kids is preferred

Note: If seeking a paid position apply through the City of New Haven- Youth@Work (limited positions available)

* Training week is required for all JCs the week prior to the start of the camp season.

Junior Counselor Policies

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Schooner Camp is licensed by the State of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood(OEC) as a Summer Day Youth Camp, and are committed to meet and go beyond all relevant guidelines from both the OEC and CDC to keep campers and staff safe.

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 Pricing Structure 2022

Shore Camps: $520/2wk session
       Science & Sailing Camps: $720/2wk session

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